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SOCIAL is a place where people can connect, refresh, and relax.

Our goal is to help our clients feel confident, empowered, and beautiful, inside and out.

About Social the Salon

Our Story
Hair Salon

The Story

The Villa Salon opened its doors in 1969 in Martinsville, N.J. Vince Renda, the founder of this brand new salon, could have no idea the career, reputation, and legacy that he would establish.  Owning multiple salons in New Jersey, he was able to remain successful throughout the years by adapting quickly and efficiently to each new trend.

Daughter Michelle Renda Gill watched her father diligently and learned about the industry from an early age. In 2017, Michelle purchased the existing business. Since then, Michelle created a new brand for the business and fully established Social the Salon as a hair salon supported by two generations of knowledge, success and hard work.  

"At Social, we value relationships, community and family. Always striving to build a deep, lasting connection, we appreciate every guest and member of our community individually. Our supportive culture communicates passion, loyalty, love and commitment to our trade and industry."

Feel confident, empowered, and beautiful, inside and out.



Grand Re-Opening Celebration
April 2024

Stay Tuned!

Giving back to our Community....

Raritan Valley Community College

PAY IT FORWARD Scholarship


Our not-for-profit, Color It Forward, awards $1000 in annual scholarships to cosmetology students who will use their craft to give back to their community.  

Do something positive.

Little Words Unisex.JPG
Little Words Project Logo.png

Little Words Project® encourages women to both be kind to themselves and to others.

Each handcrafted bracelet is made with a different inspirational word. They feature a tag inscribed with a registration code. This code is used to register your bracelet which enters you into the Nice Girl Gang - a community of women dedicated to building each other up. Wear your Little Word® for as long you need it to remind you of just how freakin’ great you are. Eventually, you’ll find someone who needs that reminder a little more - and you’ll pass it on, so they too can benefit from its message. Not only will it bring her the same good vibes it brought you, but it will also give her access to the Nice Girl community when she registers the same tag number on the Little Words Project® app or website.

Together we can do something positive to Girl World. But remember- it starts with you.

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Connect with us

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431 US-22, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Let's talk!

908.534.4020 or 908.534.1000


Tuesday: 9:30AM–7PM

Wednesday: 9:30AM–7PM

Thursday: 9:30AM–7PM

Friday: 9:30AM–6PM

Saturday: 9AM–4PM

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

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